Emacs supports Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVCs) by paying her school fees and providing basic upkeep. This is a long term undertaking of a minimum 7 years to ensure that the OVCs are completely uprooted from Systemic Poverty which affects many children in Kenya. There are currently 6 who have benefited from this programme. 3 of them already in college whilst 1 is now working.

Emacs welcomes support from any well wishers to help many desperate OVCs on our database. If you contact us, we will link you directly with the institutions and affected families so you can help and monitor yourself.

Help empower a child. Help to rescue a family from Systemic Poverty.


At the heart of Emacs is a desire for children and families to fulfill their God given purpose.

The Scripture Union of Kenya, whose mission is to 'nurture children and youth, strengthen family life and help people engage with God through the Bible that they may follow Jesus Christ and be instrumental in transforming their communities' resonates with the Emacs vision.

Emacs welcomes partnership with SUK. To do so, go to:


Help transform the life of a child.


This Centre will have far reaching impact on Kenya, Africa and the nations of the world.

Emacs is offering professional services pro-bono.

Emacs is also at the forefront in fundraising for this centre that will transform lives for the Kingdom of God for generations to come.

The Emacs director is a board trustee member.

Emacs welcomes support from any well wishers to help realise this dream. If you contact us, we will link you directly with the parent ministry for you to channel your support.


Help transform the world for the Kingdom of God.


This school was founded in one of the rural parts of Kakamega County, in Bukura area by a retired teacher among others, and on donated land. It currently has three classrooms and is growing. As part of its CSR, Emacs supports the school financially and in offering professional services probono. The funds go a long way to provide for classroom construction and paying salaries. The children in this area will now not have to walk long distances to the previously established schools.Type your paragraph here.

Help transform the life of a child.

‚ÄčEmacs CAD Solution Ltd is sensitive to the needs of society and has since established Hope For Orphans which supports Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVCs), in their environment and in a sustainable way. The Emacs directors also volunteer on various boards and institutions with their time and skills and resources to empower and transform society.